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Palux are one of Germany's leading manufacturers of Commercial catering equipment. The philosphy of Palux is to produce "High quality - Energy saving - Low cost of ownership" equipment - this goes through the entire range from the small "Cook & Roll" line upto the heavy duty "Topline".

The range of equipment has now been added to with the launch of the new range of Combination ovens, allowing the customer to have a complete Palux kitchen so keeping a simple "One stop shop" solution


Palux Electric Combination Ovens

The new range of compact Palux combination ovens are offered in 2 sizes a Slimline (SL) version only 550mm wide and the Maxi ovens which take a 2/1gn shelf and Maxi tray The Maxi ovens have a 75% bigger capacity than the standard 1/1gn sized ovens. All ovens are fitted with the latest "TFT Touchscreen" controls and are available in a Basic oven (Non programmable) or the "Comfort" ovens which are fully programmable and are also fitted with extra energy saving features. All models (except the 623sl) have an inbuilt wash system, with a choice of 5 washing cycles to suit products being cooked, this saves on time and water consumed during the washing cycle. All models are fitted with automatic reversing fan which gives even cooking - the fan motors have 5 speed settings allowing a large selection of cooking options.



Palux Multi Function cookers

Our range of Palux Multifunction pans/Vario Pans are the latest in Kitchen flexibility - they can be used for Braising, Shallow frying, Poaching, Boiling and grilling making them ideal for cooking Meat, Fish, Sauces, Soups etc. They are supplied with a large diameter drain allowing all the food to be collected in a gastronorm container underneath. The cooking pan is made of Chrome making cleaning easy and also preventing cross flavouring as it is non porous. These appliance allow you to increase your menu option without adding more equipment - saving in capital costs and energy costs - For fast temperature heat up time and reduced energy consumption choose the Induction versions.



Palux Frying Equipment

Palux have been manufacturing High quality fryers for over 60 years. All these Palux fryers are fitted with unique heating systems giving high output with low energy use and heavy duty construction with high quality components give supreme quality and consistent frying results. These fryers are supplied with 3 tank options and are fitted with precise temperature control +/-1'C, thermostat probes fitted inside the element so they do not get damaged and heavy gauge stainless steel tanks. The Filtration fryers allow the operators quick and easy filtering of the frying oil, this not only produces better frying results but also increase the oil life.


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